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History of
The Dunany Cribbage Club
The idea or "spark" for the Dunany Cribbage Club came at a party given
by Winnie and Tony Straessle on the occasion of a house warming party
at their new home at Boyd Lake. The year was 1956.

As the party progressed, and the libations flowed freely, one of the invited guests asked another one, "Did he know how to play cribbage"?
He answered that he was the best cribbage player in the world
and would challenge anyone in the room to a game.

When this remark spread among the invitees, it was suggested that we form a club to determine the best player and to show this upstart the error of his ways. Present were Ivan MacDougall, (the braggart) Tony Straessle, (our Swiss born host and self proclaimed expert) Jack Moore, (of Montreal Bronze fame) Gavin Walker, Ken Laidley, Gord Ritchie, Eric Burnell-Jones and that tyro at the game, myself, Peter Palmer.
It was agreed that a game would be held shortly in early January on neutral grounds. So it was decided to hold it on Clear Lake in a tent at the intersection of the four Municiapal lines i.e. Chatham, Wentworth, Gore and Lachute. The arrangements were made in early January when the temperature outdoors was about -20F and although the plastic tent was heated with two gas-fired infrared heaters the temperature inside was almost the same as outside.
We were expecting a minimum of six players and had purchased liquid anti-freeze i.e. scotch and rum plus bottles of soda and coke to keep the players from freezing. Unfortunately only three candidates turned up, Jack Moore, Gavin Walker and yours truly. The two so-called experts (self proclaimed) didn't show.
We played a few hands, Jack against Gavin, Gavin against myself, and finally Jack versus Peter. By that time we decided to declare a dividend but unfortunately the soft drinks had frozen and the scotch and rum was the consistency of maple syrup so it was decided to abandon the tent for a more comfortable place like the Palmer kitchen with its warm wood stove.

This is my recollection of the first cribbage game of our Dunany Cribbage Club.

Peter Palmer 23/12/2001